Mapping Functional dysregulation.

What pathways are active in your data? How do they group together to drive functions? What miRNAs regulate them?

Pathways work together – just how is the problem. One neat way to figure out what functions are made up is to see how pathways co-activate. When groups of them show similar activation, they form a module of function. A neat aspect of miRNAs is that they tend to modulate “functions” – at least at the level of preferring to modulate gene expression of genes that have products that interact . So it’s natural that interacting pathways, with formal roles in function, attract common miRNAs. We have built a tool to expose these events – and so open the door to a new view on functional interaction. Using Panomir you can find

  • What pathways are activated in your data
  • How they interact together
  • Find modules of interacting pathways and their prioritized targeting miRNAs

PanomiR: a systems biology framework for analysis of multi-pathway targeting by miRNAs.

Pourya Naderi Yeganeh,  Yue Y Teo,  Dimitra Karagkouni,  Yered Pita-Juárez, Sarah L Morgan,  Frank J Slack,  Ioannis S Vlachos,  Winston A Hide

This work has taken us quite a while – Driven by Pourya Naderi Yagneh our team and Ioannis Vlachos team.

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